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Enhanced performance for HyperCycle’s strongest supporters


The HyperAiBox is a plug-and-play device designed specifically for AI computation on HyperCycle. 

With pre-installed software for instantly connecting to and running nodes on the HyperCycle network, the H2 presents even greater processing power in supporting HyperCycle’s mission to establish lightning-fast, secure and decentralized transactions between AI machines.




The H2 presents users with two key functions: Uptime Tilling and Single Node AI Computation.

Uptime Tilling 


The process of building Uptime on the HyperCycle network. It is the proof of liveliness on your device. 

Uptime Tilling is not only mandatory – it is the most important factor in a node’s overall scoring, determining node eligibility and priority for AI computation tasks. 

With the HyperAiBox, users with active licenses can easily begin Uptime Tilling – and gain a valuable edge over all subsequently joining nodes.


Single Node AI computation 


The ability to perform AI tasks on a single node with zero reliance on other nodes or external resources. 

Single node AI computation is useful for users who want to test their own AI models or use their own data to run AI algorithms without that data ever leaving the device.

Depending on the complexity and requirements of the task, your H2 can handle three or four  AI tasks at any given time. 

[Disclaimer] Please keep in mind that this purchase might be subject to import fees. Those fees will be charged by the buyer. For any questions, please refer to your closest custom office.

HyperAI Box H2

  • CPU ARM Rockchip 3588
    8 Cores
    Core Specification 8-core 64-bit
    4xCortex-A76 + 4×Cortex-A55
    8nm lithography process
    Clock Speed up to 2.4GHz
    GPU ARM Mali-G610 MP4 quad-core GPU
    NPU NPU computing power up to 6 TOPS
    RAM 4GB LPDDR4 / 8GB LPDDR4x /
    16GB LPDDR5
    Internal Storage 32GB
    Storage Options 256GB / 2TB  M.2
    Video In 1x HDMI Port 4K
    Video Out 2x HDMI Ports (4K and 8K) / VGA
    Video Decoding

    8K@60fps H. 265/VP9/AVS2,

    8K@30fps H.264 AVC/MVC,

    4K@60fpS AV1,

    1080P@60fps MPEG-2/-1/VC-1/VP8,

    Up to 32-channel 1080P@30fps

    Video Encoding 8K@30fps, H.265 / H.264
    Up to 16-channel 1080P@30fps
    USB-A Ports 4x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0
    USB-C Ports 1x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0


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